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  • The leaves of the Coltsfoot plants are useful in treating respiratory problems like asthma, emphysema, bronchitis, colds and coughs, chest ailments, congestion and sinus problems. Also, smokers who have been unsuccessfully trying to give up smoking; here’s some good news! Coltsfoot is your best nicotine substitute herb for that must-have drag.
  • Coltsfoot contains mucilage, bitter glucosides and tannins, substances that have anti-inflammatory Coltsfoot is used as a poultice for skin irritations and inflammation such as in eczema, ulcers and skin sores.
  • Its anti-bacterial properties make it an anti-septic for all types of external wounds, including insect bites. The high mucilage content in it helps fight dandruff, both dry and oily types.
  • The Coltsfoot leaf is dried and cooled and often used as a douche or for relief from other vaginal irritations. However, it is important to remember that excessive douching can cause various other vaginal problems and is discouraged by doctors.
  • Coltsfoot is most commonly used to reduce inflammation. But the antioxidant properties of Coltsfoot work wonders on the skin, too. It helps condition the skin and reduces the oxidative stress on it. Coltsfoot safeguards against microbial function and makes the skin look younger. It is for this reason that cosmetic toners use Coltsfoot, as it is in huge demand for its rejuvenating properties.
  • A tincture made from the Coltsfoot dried leaf tea can be used internally to treat colitis and other duodenal problems. Coltsfoot helps clear nasal passages and helps fix sore throats, too. It boosts the immune system by improving the lymphatic discharge in the body and helps cure allergies as well.

(Source: www.medicalhealthguide.com)

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