Dittany of Crete Health Benefits
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Dittany of Crete


Health Benefits

  • Dittany has antibacterial, antifungal and antimicrobial properties due to the phenol carvacrol. It can be used as an antirheumatic, oxytocic, stomachic and vulnerary.
  • Dittany is used for digestive tract disorders including cramps, stomach problems and worms in the intestines. It is also used for urinary tract and genital tract disorders.
  • The beverage of this herb relieves headaches and neuralgia.
  • According to a research done by O. Gortzi and her colleagues, dittany acts against pathogenic bacteria of the oral cavity, but also against potential pathogenic fungi such as Candida albicans.
  • It also acts as an antidiabetic, emmenagogue and as aphrodisiac.
  • Dittany is also used externally as a poultice on wounds and bruises. Moreover, it is often used in cosmetics industry, to nourish and hydrate dehydrated skin. Great interest has been shown in the natural beauty remedies made, which include Dittany of Crete. The rejuvenating anti-aging facial treatments and anti-cellulite body creams are proving to be the newest, most groundbreaking and most talked about innovative beauty products today.
  • Other uses include treatment of epilepsy, spasms, fluid retention and liver diseases.

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