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Hippophae / Sea buckthorn


Health Benefits


  • Hippophae contains vitamin C, alpha-tocopherol, large amount of carotenoids and vitamin E, mineral elements (K, Na, Mg, Ca, Fe, Zn, Se), monosaccharides sugars, organic acids, free amino-acids, volatile compounds, various flavonoids (quercetin, myricetin and kaempferol), fatty acids, triacylglycerol, glycerolphospholipids, phytosterols, zeaxanthin esters and phelonic compounds. Due to its compounds, rhamnoides manifests various beneficial actions: antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial,antitumoral, hepato-protective and immuno-modulatory.
  • Based on promising radio-protective effects of sea buckthorn berry extract in rats, scientists conducted a study published in November 2009 in the “Indian Journal of Medical Research” that evaluated the chemical effect on human cancer The extract, referred to as RH-3, was applied to cells in the early and late process of radiation. The antioxidant effect of RH-3 reduced the damage to cells both inside and out most effectively at certain doses. RH-3 also activated proteins in the cells that help to protect them from radiation. However, more research is needed.
  • The Chinese use sea-buckthorn in herbal medicine to treat heart
  • One component of the hippophae’s oil, palmitoleic acid, is also present in human skin, which explains why it is used for burns, wound healing, infections and skin This oil also has UV-blocking properties, aids in skin regeneration and promotes shiny and healthy hair.
  • Hippophae can also be used against stomach problems, weakness and reduced endurance.

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