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Lemon Balm


Health Benefits


  • Lemon balm is used for digestive problems, including upset stomach, bloating, intestinal gas (flatulence), vomiting and colic; for pain, including menstrual cramps, headache and toothache.
  • Lemon balm seems to have positive effect for mental disorders, including hysteria and melancholia.
  • You can also drink lemon balm tea to ease indigestion. Lemon balm has been used traditionally to improve digestion and to soothe gastrointestinal ailments. Studies have found that lemon balm is effective in treating indigestion, according to the Georgetown University Medical Center.
  • Some medical studies have found that drinking lemon balm tea may help to treat the symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease, according to the University of Maryland Medical Center. The Georgetown University Medical Center cites studies that suggested that lemon balm can improve memory and decrease anxiety in people suffering from mild to moderate Alzheimer’s disease.
  • Lemon balm is a herb belonging to the mint family that has been used for centuries to treat anxiety and sleep
  • Some people apply lemon balm to their skin to treat cold sores.

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