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Sideritis scardica


Health Benefits


  • Mountain tea contains a number of components such as flavonoids, diterpenes, phenylpropionate, iridoids, and monoterpenes. In recent years the mountain tea has found its place under the scientific microscope in order to verify its positive effects on the body.
  • Scientists recently suggested that the traditional Balkan promotion of mountain tea as a panacea for most illnesses may be remarkably close to the truth.
  • Laboratory studies show the beneficial effects of the mountain tea. Chemical compounds of mountain tea can contribute in preventing osteoporosis as they prevent the loss of bone density and enhance the mechanical strength of bone.
  • Additional studies in Germany show that mountain tea may also protect against Alzheimer‘s disease.
  • Mountain tea stimulates gastric secretions, so it works as a digestive. Moreover, the astringent properties make it ideal for treating stomach and intestines inflammations.
  • Mountain tea protects against the common cold and is also antipyretic and diaphoretic.
  • The beneficial properties find use in the beauty industry, as mountain tea is used in various cosmetics and toiletries such as anti-aging creams (antioxidant properties fight free radicals), shampoos and mask for colored hair (protects from fading).

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