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Wild Rose Hips


Health Benefits


  • Rose hips have mild laxative and diuretic properties and can help treat urinary infections. The iron content in rose hips makes them an excellent supplement for menstruating
  • According to herbalist David Hoffmann in his book “The New Holistic Herbal,” rose hips are one of the best sources of vitamin C, which help treat infections and boost the body’s immune system. Vitamin C is an antioxidant as it scavenges free radicals that are harmful to all cells in the body.
  • A study performed by the Institute for Social Medicine in Berlin concluded that the use of rose hips can reduce symptoms related to rheumatoid arthritis.
  • Taking rose hips mixed with apple juice does not affect weight or blood sugar levels in people who are obese.
  • Dog rose helps regeneration and rejuvenation of the skin, improves the appearance and offers brightness.
  • Moreover, due to its antioxidant properties acts against free radicals and protects the skin from premature aging.
  • It is used internally for the treatment of colds, flu and infectious diseases.

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