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Sea Buckthorn


Sea buckthorn’s proper name normally ends in “hippophae,” which means “shiny horse.” Most of the legends of this berry involve, strangely enough, horses… beginning with the most legendary horse of all.

He sprang from the blood of the snake-headed beast Medusa… a horse, a creature, a monster, a god. Pegasus was known as a flying horse, a tool of the lords of Mt. Olympus. It is said that whenever Pegasus’ feet touched the earth, a spring of water would burst forth. Legend holds that Pegasus’ favorite mountaintop snack was a berry that grows in the high climates. Pegasus was accustomed to: sea buckthorn. Legend even suggests that Pegasus’ flying abilities may have been aided by this miracle berry.

(Source: www.seabuckthorninsider.com)