The myths behind
The herbs


Mythology – Cardamom

Learn AboutCardamomMythology It is believed that the West got its first taste of cardamom when Alexander the Great brought it back from India. It was used widely in Europe to treat digestive problems. Because this herb is considered an aphrodisiac, Culpeper assigned it to Venus, but it is all Mars warming and stimulating. It is [...]

Mythology – Cinnamon

Learn AboutCinnamonMythology References to cinnamon can be found in the Bible and on Egyptian papyri, not to mention in Shennong’s legendary 5000-year-old herbalist. Shennong was a mythical Chinese emperor and hero of Chinese mythology. His name means “Divine Farmer” as, according to tradition, he taught the people to cultivate many plants. He was also the [...]

Mythology – Hyssop

Learn AboutHyssopMythology According to the Bible, ~Leviticus 14:49-56~ it was used to treat Leprosy. Because of its strong camphor-like odor, it was used as a cleansing herb. Moses used this herb as his secret weapon to free and protect his people from all harm. Solomon in his songs and proverbs praised the Hyssop that ~springeth [...]

Mythology – Blueberry

Learn AboutBlueberryMythology -Blueberry in Greek language is called ¨μύρτιλο¨ (myrtilo) and its name derives from Herme’s son Myrtilos. Myrtilos was the son of the god Hermes and Phaeton (daughter of Danaos), or Clymene. He was responsible for the chariot of Oenomaus, who was preparing for the chariot races, in which the King was finding aspiring [...]

Mythology – Roselle / Hibiscus

Learn AboutHibiscusMythology Aphrodite convinced Myrrha to commit incest with her father Theias. She became pregnant and after hearing this,Theias threatened to kill her. She hid in a forest where Aphrodite (regretting what she had let happen) turned her into a myrrh tree. Theias struck the tree with an arrow, where Adonis emerged and transformed into [...]

Mythology – Summer Savory / Throubi

Learn AboutSummer SavoryMythology The Latin name Satureja was given by the Roman scholar Pliny.It is derived from the mythical half-man, half-goat creature, named satyr. According to the legend, satyrs were creatures that used to live at valleys that were covered by summer savories, the plant that was making them to have more and more passion. [...]

Milk Thistle – Mythology

Learn AboutMilk ThistleMythology It is said that the flower of milk thistle is named by the wise centaur Chiron, teacher of Jason Achilles Asclepius and Apollo. In the titanic battle Chiron was with the part of Hercules in his battle against the Centaurs, but Hercules hurt him accidentally in the leg with an arrow dipped [...]

Mythology – Great Mullein

Learn AboutGreat MulleinMythology According to Greek mythology, the gods gave to Odysseus a great mullein stalk to defend himself against the tricks of Circe, the witch who turned the companions of Odysseus into pigs by magic drink.