The myths behind
The herbs


Mythology – Lavender

Learn AboutLavenderMythology The myth says that the lavender had no smell until the moment when the Virgin Mary spread her swaddling clothes of the infant Jesus on a lavender bush. By miracle, when moved from the bush, lavender got a heady aroma. Since then, Mary was washing the swaddling clothes of Jesus Christ in water [...]

Mythology – Dill

Learn AboutDillMythology In ancient Greece, dill was used as an add-in in wines, which they were called "anithitesoinos" (wine with anithos-dill). Moreover, fragrance was made from its leaves. Also, the winners in athletic competitions were given a dill wreath, while it was common for the athletes to spread essence of dill all over their body, [...]

Milk Thistle – Mythology

Learn AboutMilk ThistleMythology It is said that the flower of milk thistle is named by the wise centaur Chiron, teacher of Jason Achilles Asclepius and Apollo. In the titanic battle Chiron was with the part of Hercules in his battle against the Centaurs, but Hercules hurt him accidentally in the leg with an arrow dipped [...]

Mythology – Calendula

Learn AboutCalendulaMythology The early Christians called calendula "Mary's Gold" - gold of Mary – and they placed it next to the statues of the Virgin Mary. The marigold was also one of the most sacred flowers of ancient Indians and they formed garlands tying twine calendula stems and flower heads and placed them around the [...]

Mythology – Sage

Learn AboutSageMythology Ancient Greek physicians, such as Dioscurides and Hippocrates, were familiar with the medicinal and therapeutic qualities and applications of sage. Hippocrates (4th century BC) prescribed sage as a remedy for lung diseases and gynecological disorders. Dioscurides (1st century AD) used sage as a diuretic, to stop external bleeding, and to promote menstrual discharge. [...]

Mythology – Cistus / Rock Rose

Learn AboutCistus / Rock RoseMythology The legend says that a council was formed on Mount Olympus where the gods determined which plants will be therapeutic. The gods have designated that rockrose will heal warriors wounded in battle. That annoyed the goddesses, because they were confident that the plant with the delicate pink blossoms would be [...]

Mythology – Olive Oil

Learn AboutOlive OilMythology According to Greek mythology, the creation of the olive tree was the result of a contest between Athena, Goddess of Wisdom, and Poseidon, God of the Sea, as to who would become the protector of a newly built city in Attica (the historical region of Greece). The city would then be named [...]

Mythology – Chamomile

Learn AboutChamomileMythology Chamomile is a well-known therapeutic plant, probably the most popular. Since ancient times it is known that the Germans had devoted to the god Balntour. The chamomile, which is collected on the day of John the Baptist, celebration of the god Balntour deemed to have particularly healing powers. The ancient Egyptians believed chamomile [...]