The myths behind
The herbs


Mythology – Cinnamon

Learn AboutCinnamonMythology References to cinnamon can be found in the Bible and on Egyptian papyri, not to mention in Shennong’s legendary 5000-year-old herbalist. Shennong was a mythical Chinese emperor and hero of Chinese mythology. His name means “Divine Farmer” as, according to tradition, he taught the people to cultivate many plants. He was also the [...]

Mythology – Yarrow

Learn AboutYarrowMythology Yarrow derived its Latin name (Achillea) from the Greek hero Achilles, the son the Sea-Goddess Thetis and the mortal King Peleus. Thetis, attempting to make her son invulnerable, dipped him into the river Styx. But afraid to let the infant go completely, his ankles remained vulnerable where his mother had held him, the [...]

Mythology – Corinthian Black Raisins

Learn AboutCorinthian Black RaisinsMythology The oldest known evidence regarding the cultivation of zante currant in Greece goes back to the 14th century A.D., but it is certain that from the ancient times people dried grapes to make raisins (currants). “Σταφίδες (stafides), ασταφίδες (astafides) or σταφυλίδες (stafylides)” are the names for currants or raisins mentioned in [...]

Mythology – Mountain Tea / Sideritis

Learn AboutMountain TeaMythology In Greece it is known since antiquity and is first mentioned by Theophrastus and Dioscorides. The scientific name Siderites comes from the Greek word “σίδηρος” (sidiros) meaning iron and was given to the plant because of its ability to heal the wounds caused by iron objects. According to others it was named [...]

Mythology – Turmeric

Learn AboutTurmericMythology Turmeric is considered auspicious and holy in India and has been used in various Hindu ceremonies for millennia. It remains popular in India for wedding and religious ceremonies. Turmeric has played an important role in Hindu spiritualism. The robes of the Hindu monks were traditionally colored with a yellow dye made of turmeric. [...]

Mythology – Great Mullein

Learn AboutGreat MulleinMythology According to Greek mythology, the gods gave to Odysseus a great mullein stalk to defend himself against the tricks of Circe, the witch who turned the companions of Odysseus into pigs by magic drink.

Milk Thistle – Mythology

Learn AboutMilk ThistleMythology It is said that the flower of milk thistle is named by the wise centaur Chiron, teacher of Jason Achilles Asclepius and Apollo. In the titanic battle Chiron was with the part of Hercules in his battle against the Centaurs, but Hercules hurt him accidentally in the leg with an arrow dipped [...]

Mythology – Oregano

Learn AboutOreganoMythology Greek hillsides covered with summer's growth of wild oregano in bloom are a fantastic excursion for eyes, feet, and nose! Historically, as the name implies, Greek oregano originates on the mountain slopes of Greece. The name "oregano" means "joy of the mountain" and has its origins in the ancient Greek "όρος" (oros) meaning [...]