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Chamomile is a well-known therapeutic plant, probably the most popular. Since ancient times it is known that the Germans had devoted to the god Balntour. The chamomile, which is collected on the day of John the Baptist, celebration of the god Balntour deemed to have particularly healing powers.

The ancient Egyptians believed chamomile to be a sacred herb and associated its use with their sun god Ra.

Chamomile has been used since ancient times for a variety of medicinal and therapeutic purposes. Dioscorides – a Greek physician, pharmacologist, and botanist with Roman Emperor Nero’s army – prescribed chamomile for several gastrointestinal disorders, nervous conditions, and liver disorders. Other medicinal uses for chamomile preparations were to treat women’s ailments and kidney stones. The origin of the word comes from the Greek “χάμω” (chamo) which means on the ground and the word “μήλο” (milo) which means apple, so chamomile is the apple of the ground.