Cretan Dittany / Diktamo




Cretan Dittany / Diktamo (Origanum dictamnus)

The authentic dittany is a herb that grows only in Crete. Known from the Minoan period, dittany was suggested by Hippocrates to treat disorders of the gastrointestinal system. In the Middle Ages Trappist and Benedictine monks used this herb to prepare liquors. On the Island of Crete it is considered as a “miracle cure-all” local remedy for almost everything. Due to its numerous properties, it is considered as a Greek superfood.

In modern herbal medicine, the main use of dittany is to soothe the pains of the stomach and abdomen. This herb contains a large number and variety of chemical constituents, in which various aromatic and medicinal plant properties are attributed. It acts as an efficient antioxidant and has been found to have antimicrobial activity. Dittany is used for flu and colds and it is also used as a hemostatic.

Cretan dittany can be a great beverage with many health benefits. It has extremely strong aromatic flavor and can be combined perfectly with meat. There are many Cretan recipes which include this herb.

Health Benefits of Dittany of Crete

Learn AboutDittany of CreteBenefits Health Benefits Dittany has antibacterial, antifungal and antimicrobial properties due to the phenol carvacrol. It can be used as an antirheumatic, oxytocic, stomachic and vulnerary. Dittany is used for digestive tract disorders including cramps, stomach problems and worms in the intestines. It is also used for urinary tract and genital tract [...]

Mythology – Dittany of Crete

Learn AboutDittany of CreteMythology Zeus, ruler of the Olympian gods, reputedly gave the beautiful and health-giving herb to Crete as a thank you for his upbringing there. He was born in the Dikteon Andron cave at Crete, after his mother Rhea fled there to trick her husband Cronus and protect her son. Ancient shepherds noticed [...]

Side Effects of Dittany of Crete

Learn AboutDittany of CreteSide Effects There is not enough information to show if dittany is safe or not. However, some side effects are known. For example, dittany can increase the risk of sunburn if it comes in contact with the skin. Special Precautions & Warnings: Pregnancy and breast-feeding: Not enough is known about the use [...]

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