Mint’s Essential Oil


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Historically, the name of the plant came from Greek mythology. Minthi was a beautiful nymph and therefore claimed by Hades, god of the Underworld. However, when Persephone, wife of Hades, learned about this infidelity transformed Minthi into a plant in order to trample her. Today, peppermint is the most commercial and industrial herb in the world. It is usually used for oral hygiene and bad smell. The essential oil of peppermint is obtained after distillation of the leaves when the plant is flowering and the aroma is penetrating and spicy. Menthol is the essential oil’s main component, which is responsible for the feeling of freshness and coolness when we feel the smell. Moreover, in times of flu or a cold you can apply the essential oil in hot water and make a few puffs to improve your breathing. Mint smooths pains by gently massaging the problem points. The analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties of peppermint can help muscular pain or headaches. You can take drops of peppermint oil in arnica oil and do massage.

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