Jasmine’s Essential Oil


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The essential oil of jasmine results either from the distillation process or by extraction. This oil is used in perfumery and is a necessary component of almost every perfume manufactured. France is the world leader in the production of jasmine’s oil, followed by China, Italy and Egypt. According to ancient Eastern cultures jasmine or “jasmin” symbolizes modesty and purity and its name comes from the word despair (jas) and lie (min). The essential oil of jasmine reminds us of Greek summer evenings on the terrace. The sweet and intoxicating aroma is able to relax you and make you a little more optimistic. For these reasons it can be used by people with depression and apathy problems, while according to aromatherapy it can help and as an aphrodisiac, because of the feeling of euphoria, confidence and relaxation that it creates.

* In cosmetology is commonly used as a natural fragrance body cream.

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