Lemon Balm


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Lemon Balm (Melissa officinalis)

Lemon Balm belongs to the mint family, which grows in southern Europe, especially in the Mediterranean. This herb was dedicated to the goddess Artemis and it was considered by many as an erotic charm. It is said that in the Middle Ages alchemists used Melissa to make youth elixirs. The name “Melissa” was taken from the Greek “melisso-phyllon” (μελισσό-φύλλον), which literally means “bee leaf”.

Lemon balm seems to be a herb with many uses. Clinical studies are discovering more and more properties. It shows strong antioxidant activity and moderate antibacterial. It also seems to have beneficial effects on hypertension, insomnia, anorexia, nerves, pressure and headache.

The beverage made from lemon balm is really well known. However, it can also be used in cooking. More specific, it can be used in baking and cooking for flavoring baked meats, poultry, fish, soups and salads. In Western Europe there is a popular drink with the name “Eau de melisse des Carmes”, that was first made by Carmelite monks in the 17th century.

Health Benefits of Lemon Balm

Learn AboutLemon BalmBenefits Health Benefits   Lemon balm is used for digestive problems, including upset stomach, bloating, intestinal gas (flatulence), vomiting and colic; for pain, including menstrual cramps, headache and toothache. Lemon balm seems to have positive effect for mental disorders, including hysteria and melancholia. You can also drink lemon balm tea to ease indigestion. [...]

Mythology – Lemon Balm

Learn AboutLemon BalmMythology Lemon Balm has a long history, dating back to ancient Turkey where it was planted near bee hives to encourage the bees to return to the hive rather than swarm away. Furthermore, it was planted and used by the beekeepers of the Temple of Artemis to help keep the sacred honeybees content. [...]

Side Effects of Lemon Balm

Learn AboutLemon BalmSide Effects Lemon balm is likely safe when used in food amounts. It is possibly safe in adults when used in medicinal amounts for a short-term. It has been used safely in research for up to four months. Not enough is known about the safety of lemon balm when used long-term. Some information [...]

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