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Liquorice / Licorice (Glycyrrhiza glabra)


Liquorice or licorice is the root of Glycyrrhiza glabra plant, from which a sweet flavor can be extracted. The liquorice plant is an herbaceous perennial legume native to southern Europe. The word liquorice is derived (via the Old French licoresse) from the Greek γλυκύρριζα (glukurrhiza), meaning “sweet root”. The roots of the plant have valuable pharmaceutical properties, already known since antiquity. Theofrastus and Dioscorides constituting them to treat respiratory diseases.

Liquorice root, is a naturally sweet and moistening herb which has numerous benefits. Useful to treat throat irritations, upper respiratory tract infections, digestive complaints, coughs and to strengthen the liver and adrenals, when used correctly, licorice root tea can be a tremendous herbal ally.

Liquorice root can be added in cooking to offer its sweet flavor, although it is most commonly consumed in herbal teas.

Health Benefits of Liquorice

Learn AboutLiquoriceBenefits Health Benefits Licorice root tea has been used to treat digestive problems, such as acid reflux and stomach ulcers. The demulcent – or moistening – effect of licorice root is thought to coat the esophagus and stomach, preventing damage from stomach acid. Licorice root tea has also shown some benefit to canker sores [...]

Side Effects of Liquorice

Learn aboutLiquoriceSide Effects Licorice is likely safe for most people when taken by mouth in amounts found in foods. Licorice is possibly safe when taken by mouth in larger amounts for medicinal purposes and when applied to the skin for a short amount of time. However, it is possibly unsafe when taken by mouth in [...]

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