Olive Tree Leaves




Olive Tree Leaves (Olea Europaea)

Olive tree leaves were used in ancient Greece for multiple health reasons. Nowadays, the decoction of these leaves has attracted the scientific society’s interest and many studies have been done the last years. Moreover, olive tree leaves have been a major symbol for many civilizations and cultures, thing which shows the importance in their daily life.

Olive leaf tea is an ideal replacement for normal black tea and it is said that it contains more antioxidants and vitamin C than green tea. This tea provides our body with energy and healthy blood pressure, to support the cardiovascular system and the immune system. Studies have shown that, many people who live stressful lives or who may be particularly susceptible to colds and viruses may benefit from long-term use of olive leaf as a preventive agent. At last, olive tree leaves have a plethora of antioxidant substances, something that makes them to act against cancer.

Olive leaves tea can be consumed as a decoction by putting 5-6 leaves per cup.

Health Benefits of Olive Tree Leaves

Learn AboutOlive Tree LeavesBenefits Health Benefits   Oleuropein (the substance that gives the bitter taste to olive) is active against bacteria and insect pests, thus protecting the olive tree. This property has also been found to help protect humans, too. Moreover oleuropein in olive leaf may help those suffering from osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis, according [...]

Mythology – Olive Tree Leaves

Learn AboutOlive Tree LeavesMythology According to mythology, the olive was brought to the Greeks by Athena who taught them how to cultivate it. The well-known dispute between Athena and Poseidon over the name of the city of Athens is a characteristic example. There was a sacred olive tree at the Acropolis, the first olive tree [...]

Side Effects of Olive Tree Leaves

Learn AboutOlive Tree LeavesSide Effects None well documented. Supervise patients with diabetes carefully, because of potential hypoglycemic effects.

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