Soap with donkey’s milk


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The traditional soap with donkey’s milk is an excellent cosmetic which loves and nourishes your skin. Experts of cosmetology worship donkey’s milk for its beneficial properties which is used as a raw material in many products. It contains a high amount of proteins, phospholipids and ceramides that remediate and take care of your skin, creating a large part of the keratin layer of the epidermis. This prevents skin aging by providing regeneration and rebirth. In addition, the traditional donkey’s milk soap is ideal for dry skin, because it prevents dehydration of the skin and leaves it hydrated. Meanwhile, it is suitable for healing light wounds and eczema, relieving acne. The wonderful soap with donkey’s milk can be used by people who are sensitive to the chemical components of conventional soaps. Finally, the rich composition of vitamins A, B1, B2, B6, D and E contained in the donkey’s milk, allow your skin to be smooth, firm and soft. Use the traditional soap for body, hands and face and take care of your skin, giving radiance and youthfulness.

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