Soap with tea tree


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The handmade soap with tea tree is a unique traditional product with beneficial properties for the skin. The tea tree belongs to the medicinal plants and is mainly used to combat acne and skin diseases. Therefore, it is a useful product, which reduces acne, pimples and stops the generation of sebum. It is suitable for oily skin, as the use of soap prevents the appearance of skin diseases due to its strong antibacterial action. In addition, the antibacterial and antiseptic properties of tea tree remove germs that cause flu and colds. The soap with tea tree is a natural solution to remove germs, while it nourishes your skin effectively. Furthermore, soap with tea tree reduces foot odor, preventing the growth of molds on the fingers. Take a warm foot bath using soap with tea tree and you will immediately feel your legs relaxed, clean and healthy. The soap with tea tree disinfects and nourishes your skin, giving it a gentle fresh scent. In your footbath put a few drops of essential tea tree oil for maximum effect and get rid of foot odor and fungi forever.

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