Whole Black Truffle in its juice


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Black Truffle (Tuber melanosporum)

Black truffle is a valuable underground beautiful mushroom that lives in symbiosis with various roots of higher plants (shrubs and trees) and has great value because it is edible and highly aromatic. Its cultivation is completely natural, which is much more pure than organic cultivations. Truffles are native to Europe and were known since ancient times. In ancient Greece it was believed that they were generated by the lightning of Zeus when it hit the ground.

Recent researches by the medical and pharmaceutical industries indicate that black truffles have many therapeutic benefits such as anti-cancer properties, support to cardiovascular and immune system, reducing high cholesterol, aging, improvements to sexual health and easing sleep disorders, rheumatic pains and food intolerance. Black truffles are also very powerful antioxidant and anti-aging superfood.

This mushroom is a great delicatessen which can give to your dishes a totally different flavor. Black truffle is used after cooking by grinding a small amount of it in our dish. It can be added in poultry, beef, pasta sauce and rice. Moreover, black truffle is used to aromatize olive oil and vinegar.

The whole truffles are preserved in their juice.
You can grind (or cut thin slices with a knife)a small amount on your plate when serving.
Remains unchanged for eight days in the fridge at2 ºC / 4 ºC after opening.

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